Allowing Abundance Programme

Attract abundance in your life and use your resources to fulfill your potential

Welcome to the Abundance programme. If you find yourself struggling to see any positivity in terms of financial success, and you find that you want to move from feeling scarcity to feeling blessed – then this programme is for you.

This programme will take you through an exciting journey of discovering the challenges you’re constantly faced with, understanding how to seek opportunities and adopting a mindset that will attract the very best.

Resources: Workbook

This package consists of three parts:

Part 1: Getting to Know the Importance of Abundance

People will associate abundance with how wealthy you are. They will measure your abundance by the size of your house and the quality of your cars. But this mindset is very limited and disempowering.

  • Be able to explain the definition of abundance
  • Imagining an abundant life
  • To define what abundance personally means to you

Part 2: Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset

If you find yourself not being where you ideally want to be in life, and even the notion of abundance doesn’t feel fulfilling to you – then it is likely that you have adopted the scarcity mindset instead.

  • Be able to explain the definition of scarcity
  • To transform your mindset into a growth mindset

Part 3: Identify any conflicts blocking you on the road to success

Turn your negative self-talk into powerful positive dialogue that will help you have a positive mindset.

  • Be able to identify when you have conflicting values
  • To remind yourself what you would like to be remembered for
  • Be able to practise gratitude
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Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • 11 Lessons


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