Time Management Programme

Get on top of your time and never be late for meetings again

If you are looking to have a structure in your life and create a discipline to be punctual and on time- then this programme is for you.

Within this programme, you will find proven-to-work information and resources that you will need for effective time management skills. Go through this programme and stay consistent with the exercises and you will see effective results.

Resources: Workbook, Coaching Journal, 6 Exercises

This package consists of five parts:

Part 1: Your Current Relationship with Time

Before you can improve your time management, you need to understand your current relationship with time. This gives you a strong starting point.

  • Be able to explain the definition of time management
  • Be able to use our natural body clocks to help with managing time
  • To assess our current time management skills
  • Use four techniques that will help manage time successfully

You’ll complete two exercises. And go through four techniques that can immediately boost your time management.

Part 2: Issues with Managing Your Time

At this point, you want to pinpoint your issues with time. This allows us to focus on the right solution.

  • Be able to identify your issues with managing time
  • Identify new strategies to manage time efficiently

You will answer and discuss two important questions to dig deeper. You’ll also complete an exercise, answering several questions to identify issues and blockages.

Part 3: Internal Dialogue in Your Mind About Time

Turn your negative self-talk into powerful positive dialogue that will help you have a positive mindset.

  • To assess your current internal dialogue with time
  • Adopt new empowering internal conversations about time

You’ll go through four steps that will take you from negative to positive self-talk.

Part 4: Are You Slow & Steady or Fast & Furious?

Do you know how you perceive time? Do you view time as ‘in time’ or ‘through time’? Find out how you view time and the best way to use these techniques.

  • To be able to explain two main ways of how we perceive time
  • Identify our preference for perceiving time

You’ll go through two steps, answering & discussing several questions. You’ll find out which one you prefer and how to adopt the best technique.

Part 5: Creating an Empowering Plan With Control Over Time

Now it’s time to create a plan that gives you control over time.

  • To create an empowering plan for your time management
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Course Includes

  • 6 Modules
  • 16 Lessons


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