Do you want a simple way to pray 5 times a day? And without rushing it?

Most of us at some point (or many points) approach prayer in between tasks. Or because we just remembered. So we leave what we’re doing, quickly pray and then get back to what we were doing.

Or maybe we decide to pray, because we need the toilet. And we don’t want to make wudu again.

This habit leads to dead prayers. Prayers that we don’t get any spiritual benefit from. Nor do we get the reward that we can. And eventually, we’ll either leave our prayers. Or we pray for the rest of our lives in the same way.

A 10-Minute Habit

Here’s a simple method that makes it easier for you to complete your prayers and achieve a spiritual high. And also be able to complete the adhkaar and sunnah prayers, every single time.

The easiest way is to set 10 minutes per prayer throughout the day.

So, for Zhur you might pray at 1.30 pm. And you know till 1.40 pm you’ll be doing nothing except praying. No exceptions. You begin the day knowing you have set times for you and your Lord. For your spiritual benefit, as well as the mind and body.

In this 10-minute period, you’ll be able to pray more relaxed. As well as having time to do your adhkaar and pray your sunnah prayers. All this can be done in 10 minutes.

Do it for a week and you’ll notice a huge difference. A difference in your prayer. A difference in your spirituality. You’ll feel a sense of peace and satisfaction after every prayer. And you’ll start to look forward to the next prayer. Instead of praying because you feel guilty or fear of the punishment.

The Prophet used to say to Bilal:

“O Bilal, call for the prayer and give us comfort with it.”

(Abu Dawoud)

Make It A Routine

Make a routine by setting a time for each prayer. Of course, in the UK, we’ll need to adjust this every month or so.

That’s a total of 50 minutes per day dedicated to your prayers. Which is divided throughout the day.

It’s the same approach that high achievers take. They’ll take time out throughout the day for rest, meditation, self-care etc. We have that perfect combination and more in our prayers.

So inshallah. Set a time for each prayer. When you get to the prayer time. Leave everything and know that you’ll be offline and out of this world for 10 minutes. Go to your spot of isolation. Say Bismillah and talk to your Lord, The Most-High.

The key is to be prepared. Below are some tips to help you make a change today:

  1. Research:
    Find out the prayer times in your area (you can find this on the website of your local mosque) 

  2. Plan:
    Make a note of the times you’ll be praying. Treat this as though you will be having a Skype meeting with someone. How would you make a note of this? 

  3. Reminder:
    Set an alarm and get notified when the prayer times are so you will never miss out

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