The Evolve Journey

How It Works

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Every student has their own unique login details. Once registered, you’ll have access to your own portal. Where you can access our courses, check assignments & monitor progress.

Meet Dedicated Mentor

We’ll sift through our database & match you with your own mentor for guidance, support & accountability. We have male & female mentors respectively to cater to both genders. And the learning begins!

Study Bitesize Topics & Lessons

All courses are designed to be completed online & recorded within our platform. Our content is user-friendly & easy to read online on any device with an advanced LMS at high quality.

Take Quizzes & Assignments

It’s not enough to just learn. What about testing your knowledge? Every course comes with quizzes or assignments to motivate & support engagement levels. Mentors can track your effort, understanding & interaction. All measurements are accessible as a transcript.

Get Feedback & Support

The sole purpose of having a mentor is for support & creating a sense of community. This excellent opportunity enables you to feel accountable to someone & rest assured that you’re not alone on this learning journey. You can read more about the role of your mentor in FAQ’s section, here.

Teach Others

Once you’re familiar with the basics of Islam, it’s your choice what you do with the knowledge. We encourage that you apply it to your life and teach your family & friends. You will have life-time access to refer to the academy at any time.

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